Begin' Forgiveness - Daylon Alexander

Beggin Forgiveness (Single and debut EP) releasing August 18th

Daylon: “I was raised in Little Rock, AR by my Grandma who pushed me to sing after hearing me around the house… Since then I’ve always wanted to be a Star… It was hard to focus with all the gang Bangin but she kept me in check and in church where I loved to perform.  After growing up I had a choice to either sing or sell dope… I chose to sing obviously.  So here I am now focused on bringing real singing back, and creating an album that will express my love for women and my love for the streets.”

The state of todays music is in a well awaited transition; stemming from the deep roots of yesterday’s classic sounds, & politically motivated genres; to todays futuristic pop generation. In all it has created a void in which directions the world chooses to hear their new favorite artist. There are many artist out, yet few that can embrace a multitude of different styles to keep their audience’s attention long enough to become legendary. The world needs another sensation. The world needs an artist that wont only bend the mold, but can break boundaries. The world needs Daylon Alexander. /react-text 

react-text: 47 With a captivating allure, & a voice that can roll like thunder & yet, still hit every bittersweet note. Daylon Alexander has the ability to lay women in trances, or to politically sway the mind of those oppressed. Whether you are snapping away dancing to his upbeat persona, or laying on your couch reminencing of a past love, Daylon will move you. /react-text 

react-text: 50 Daylon has many layers & not limited to genre. As a showman he has an explosive ability to bring art to life; painting live pictures with words & sounds that all may see. His writing ability is very vivid, & sometimes very broad, so noone could ever box him in as a traditionalist. Humbled by life’s lessons, Daylon Alexander has already broke free from adversity, but more importantly he has the ability to not only focus on those hardships that were presented to him. Daylon’s music will unite many genres of music & keep his audience anxoious for whats next. So enjoy! /react-text 
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react-text: 54 Born in Chicago & raised in Little Rock, AR, the rising R&B star has a remarkable story to tell & is ready to unleash his talents in the music industry. Daylon has recorded & performed shows with a number of great artists!

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Daylon Alexander - RnB Recording Artist

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Daylon Alexander - RnB Recording Artist

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